A pointless word game

You've played other word games

This one is different

As in other games, you form words from tiles. But in Libretto, each player has their own color.

Play words offensively or defensively, anywhere on the board. You don't need to play connected words.

You win by making a path of words between the left and right sides of the board, not by scoring points.

What our players are saying

"For the first time in 40 years I've been blown away by a word game besides Scrabble. I love strategy games, and the depth of strategic thinking available in Libretto compares to, if not surpasses, Scrabble. Libretto presents a wonderful, exciting and completely new experience for word-gamers!"

Joe Edley, three-time National SCRABBLE® Champion
and coauthor of Everything SCRABBLE

"I love playing Libretto. It has a beautiful feel to it, and poses challenges quite exhilarating. Traditional word games may soon have to take a back seat."

Jerry Lerman, National Scrabble Master

"Libretto is deceptively simple. Play it once and you'll realize that it's similar to word games you already know, but not. Play it again, and you'll be hooked by its labyrinthine complexity. This addictive game keeps me up past my bedtime more often than I care to admit!"

Andrea Gappell

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Message other players, track your performance, and see how you stack up
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Player profiles

See your own performance stats, and those of others. Connect to social media. If you wish, share your location.


Keep a list of your friends, favorite opponents, national champions and other players you want to track or save.

In-game chatting

Communicate with opponents and friends while maintaining your privacy and contact preferences.


Who are the top Libretto players? See how you compare against the people you know and against top players worldwide.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Play

Start playing Libretto in minutes
with a built-in tutorial and simple, intuitive controls.

At-a-Glance Profiles

Instantly see who you're playing. Tap their name or image to see their player profile and statistics.

Tile Rack

Once you position your first tile you can just tap the others. Libretto knows what to do.

Game Board

Add your tiles to the board, moving them individually or as a group.


Easily flip, swap and shuffle tiles at the tap of a button. Play multiple games at at time!



Michael Wilk, Ph.D. CEO, Dragonfly Games

Michael invented Libretto, and it's been his passion project for years. He created the original game logic, and also designed Otto, your opponent when you play against the computer. Before building Libretto, Michael created Glass Eye 2000, software for designing stained glass windows on desktop computers.

Will Burgers Lead Developer

Will developed the iOS and Android implementations of Libretto. Will has been making games since he was seven years old, when his brother introduced him to HyperCard in 1994. He's been developing and publishing mobile games since 2009.

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